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Welcome to Mrs Rowlands' and Mrs Kent's Class

This term our work across many areas of the curriculum will be based on the theme: How have people in Britain had fun?

Writing is a main focus in all areas of our curriculum .

Maths work often involves applying what we know to reasoning and problem solving, as well as extending our skills in real life contexts as well as linking it to our current topic work.

Art will involve exploring the work of Picasso and using a variety of media to create self-portraits and acrylic paintings inspired by his work during our art day. 

During the first half of the term, we will look at the chronology of fairground rides, then, during the second half-term, we will design and make our own model rides in DT.

Science work will include work in the first half-term linked to reversible and irreversible changes.  Year 12 students from Caistor Grammar School will deliver a workshop based on famous scientists, then in the second half-term, we will look at earth and space.

In PE we are focusing on improving our gymnastic and dance skills, as well as playing pop lacrosse.

This term will see us compete in many Wolds zone tournaments and, as always, supporters are most welcome.



Moving Model Fairground Rides - March 2018 - Design and Technology

Preparation for Ten Pieces III - No place like

On Wednesday 28th February, we travel to The Embassy Theatre, Skegness for the BBC Concert Orchestra's 'Ten Pieces III. In addition to listening to the pieces, we have been rehearsing for our joint performance of 'No Place Like', written especially for Ten Pieces III by Kerry Andrews:

Inspired by Picasso

Inspired by Picasso

Picasso gave us the confidence to have a go at painting, not to be afraid of getting it wrong.  He was a prolific painter! We learned about Cubism and tried to copy some of his techniques. Seeing how his self-portraits changed over time, was inspiring.