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This half term we will be learning all about The Romans. For our English lessons, we will be learning all of the skills from the relevant year group of the National Curriculum, however they will be linked to our topic. The text that will be the driving force for our writing is Boudicca Britain's Queen of the Iceni. In maths, children will be following the National Curriculum for their year group. Between now and Christmas, we will be covering place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.   In our science lessons, we will be learning all about Rocks until October half term, then we will swap to States of Matter.


In maths we worked as a class to prove that the multiplication grids are accurate.

We proved it by using repeated addition, arrays and other images.

We had lots of fun and all got to contribute to the giant grid!


This term we have been planning to build natural shelters that the Romans could use on their voyage across Britain. We have had to plan what materials we would use, what structures would be strong and how big our shelters would need to be. Onne we had planned our shelters, we made paper models to test if they would be strong and stable enough to make from natural resources. Once we had made our models, we adapted our designs accordingly. Finally, we went outside to make our shelters out of sticks and leaves.


Remembrance Sunday

Class 3 have produced some wonderful art work to remember the importace of Remembrance Sunday. We used one pencil to create the different shading effects, then we used paint to help the poppies stand out.