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Assessing progress and attainment

At Grasby All Saints we assess children in many different ways. This may be through class work, group work i.e. guided reading or writing, mini tests e.g. spellings, tables, applying new skills – to name but a few! Children’s assessed levels are not based on tests but on assessments that are carried out on a day to day basis. We feel they reflect the current attainment of the pupil across the curriculum. It is important that pupils show us what they know and can do it in completely independent situations using appropriate strategies, for example applying their mathematical or written skills in geography or history work.

Pupil tracking and target setting are there to ensure that we, as a school, do as well as we can to support your child to be the best that they can be. It should inform the child and the teacher where they are in learning and what they need to do to improve.

Progress is different from attainment. Good progress can be made whilst attainment against national expectations may still be below average. Children do not make even progress and some years they need to consolidate skills ready for improvement to manifest itself the following year.

At KS2 we expect children to use and apply their skills, for example reading is not just about their home reader but also about reading to learn about other subjects. In maths this includes the ability to instantly recall and use number facts and multiplication when solving word problems or when analysing data in science experiments.

Grades are only a guideline and help inform us where your child is in relation to their peers (nationally) and informs their learning journey.

‘D’ indicates that they are developing within the level that is expected at the end of the year.
‘S’ indicates that they are securely working at their year group's level
‘E’  indicates that they are secure in using and applying these skills and working at greater depth.

We still expect all pupils to make progress and for those pupils with additional needs to be in line with the age related expectations. If your child has already met the targets, don’t worry as we expect them to exceed these!

These are the government guidelines and in a school such as Grasby All Saints we expect a much higher percentage of children to be working above the age related expectations.