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Our Staff

Mrs Z. Hyams

Mrs M. Kent


Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher


Miss R Brumby Foundation stage teacher
Miss N Taylor Years 1 and 2 class teacher
Miss V. Flint Years 3 and 4 class teacher
Mrs A. Rowlands / Mrs M. Kent Years 5 and 6 class teachers
Mrs J. Critten 1:1 T.A. 
Mrs C. Cadle H.L.T.A and Out of School Club Leader
Mrs J. Welton Before school play assistant
Mrs J. Hunt and Mrs Hebert 1:1 T.A
Miss Maroney T.A.
Miss Baxter 1:1 T.A. and class T.A
Mrs M. Jones Administrator
Miss K. Stimpson  School Cleaner 
Mr D. Ritchie School Caretaker
Mrs. K. Phillips Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S. Hanson Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs S.Chambers Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs M. Fawcett Lunchtime Assistant